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A Progressive Process for a New Era 

The Design-Build process offers opportunity for innovation and collaboration.


KYTC has selected PCL/Stantec/Rosales to partner in the design and construction of the new KY 8 Licking River Bridge. The Design-Build Team (DBT) will work collaboratively with KYTC to develop concepts, refine designs, and ultimately build the replacement bridge. The DBT of PCL/Stantec/Rosales was selected through a procurement process that considered qualifications and project approach, rather than cost.

Using a design-build delivery method allows for collaboration between the KYTC, the designer, and the construction contractor – each part of the team brings a unique perspective that helps identify challenges early in the process and then develop solutions to ensure the project is delivered at an acceptable cost and schedule.

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Creating a Signature Bridge

KYTC recognizes that there is a desire for the replacement KY 8 Licking River Bridge to include a signature design that complements the surrounding aesthetic. To ensure that the replacement bridge gets a signature design, KYTC required an approved bridge architect to be included as part of the Design-Build Team. The bridge architect will work alongside the design engineer and construction contractor to develop concepts that meet the purpose and need of the project and are constructable within the project funding.

PCL and Stantec teamed with bridge architecture firm Rosales + Partners, a Boston-based firm known for their ability to create elegant and economical transportation solutions with strong community support. Rosales + Partners specializes in bridge and highway architectural design – and they have an impressive portfolio of bridges that have advanced beyond concepts or renderings and are actually in use today. You can view their portfolio here.

Knowing that community input would be very important to achieving a successful design, KYTC has also formed an Aesthetics Committee to work directly with the bridge architect as he looks for inspiration for concepts that will be considered for bridge-type selection. The Aesthetics Committee is made up of local and state elected officials and local and state historic preservation officers. They will meet with the bridge architect several times leading up to the bridge-type selection, providing valuable input and feedback that will help shape features that may be included in the final design.


KYTC expects to make the bridge-type selection in the fall of 2023.

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