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KYTC’s project development process consists of five phases:

  1. Planning

  2. Preliminary Engineering & Environmental Evaluation 

  3. Design

  4. Right-of-Way & Utility Coordination

  5. Construction

KY8 Bridge Web 094.JPG

The KY 8 Licking River Bridge Project is currently in the Preliminary Engineering & Environmental Evaluation stage of this process.  

As part of the current stage of project development, the project team will:


  • Update the previously completed Planning Study

  • Further examine existing conditions

  • Define the Purpose and Needs for the project

  • Develop and evaluate project alternatives

  • Complete environmental studies according to federally-guided protocols

  • Conduct public outreach


Once these tasks are complete, the project will move into the Design phase, where a set of comprehensive plans and detailed project cost estimates will be developed.

KYTC Project Process2.png
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