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Working together with the Aesthetics Committee and bridge architect Miguel Rosales of Rosales + Partners, the project team has developed four signature bridge concepts to move forward for final consideration.

These preliminary designs will be used by the design-build team to guide the technical design of the bridge project over the next few months. KYTC will make a final bridge type selection in October.


Each of the four concepts features a signature aesthetic design that considers the surrounding environment including the nearby historic neighborhoods of Newport and Covington. Each is also rooted in safety, featuring two 12-foot-wide shared-use pathways for walkers and bicyclists. These pathways are separated from vehicular traffic and meet all standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act and other guidance for railing height and sidewalk width. Traffic calming features are being considered for the final design. These may include lane-width, intersection features and markings.

Concept 1 - Arch

Concept 3 - Inclined Arch

Concept 2 - Cable-Stayed

Concept 4 - Suspension

Next Steps


The concepts will be presented to the City of Covington and City of Newport during the Tuesday, August 15, and Monday, August 28 commission meetings, respectively.

Over the next month the aesthetics committee, made up of community leaders from Newport and Covington, will bring valuable input from their constituents to the project team for consideration in the final bridge concept selection. KYTC will continue to work with the design-build team to refine the designs. KYTC will make a final bridge type selection in October.

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