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A Commitment
to Improving Safety and Connectivity For All

An OKI study found that more than 700 pedestrians cross the KY 8 Licking River Bridge every day. The new bridge will be designed to accommodate pedestrian and bicycle traffic – and will provide safe connections to existing infrastructure in Covington and Newport. Beyond just providing safe and efficient connectivity for vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists, the bridge will include a signature design that enhances the visual appeal of the crossing and fits within the aesthetic context of the surrounding communities.

Safe for All


KYTC is committed to building a safe and efficient replacement bridge that accommodates current and future development in the growing cities of Covington and Newport. Projects like Newport’s 25-acre Ovation on the River and the 23-acre Covington Central Riverfront are already bringing new residents and visitors to the area.

The new bridge will provide a safe crossing for vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Pedestrian and bicyclist safety will be significantly improved with paths that meet accessibility design requirements, and updated connections to existing infrastructure in Covington and Newport will open opportunities for all users to cross safely and efficiently.

In addition, KYTC will maintain a crossing for pedestrians and bicyclists during construction of the new bridge.

“With our 23-acre Central Riverfront neighborhood underway and a new vision for the transportation chasm that is now Fourth Street, Covington has three goals for this bridge: a signature look, the capacity to handle expected growth in automobile traffic as well as TANK buses, and safe accommodations for bicyclists and pedestrians,” said Covington Mayor Joe Meyer. “We think KYTC has accomplished all three goals with this design, and we appreciate their collaborative work.”

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